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A Very Special Blank You

To everybody who has helped us along the way: Erin S., Timmy Chunks, Joel Mooville, Shiv DeCampo, Webmaster T., Vanessa and Brian at Fat, Andrea at Nitro, Ian and Sunset, Fat Mike, Dennis Dannell (R.I.P), Sunny, The Bouncing Souls, Fury 66, Good Riddance, MOCK, Lee Ving and FEAR, A.F.I., Political Silence, Slapshot, Cara de Nada, J.F.K.F.C., Dropkick Murphys, the Ducky Boys, South Shore Hardcore (MA), Part Of The Problem and the Problem Hardcore Crew, the 820 Chaos Kids in Santa Cruz, Johanna Lovett, The 408 Girls, Tainted Love Crew – Hollywood, Slick Fifty!, John Davis and Amy, Rocky Luciano and Mike Turbo, Mike Barr, T-Bag Smith and Boston Squad Leader Shauna, The Hollywood Palace, Goldenvoice Productions, The Descendents, Gang Green, The F.U.’s, Cliff Hanger and The Freeze, Bonnie Kish, D-Mob Violence Damian, Kent and Dan at the Ave., the Asti Café, Wrecking Crew, The Meanderthals, Agent 51, Nick Danger and Johnny Quest, Mick the Canuck, Rob DelVecchio, Pat & Maria at ICON, Jesse, See Spot Kill, Amy Artman, Paul & Barbie Smith, Joe and Jen O., Ludlow, Pete Rust, Joe Griffin, Jenni Chaos, Jeff Large, Jason Huge, Staircase Tattoo, Chris Chrome at Lucky Tattoo, Erno Tattoo, One Ton Tow Ball, The Cavities, The Stitches, Hope Arnold & The G.V.ers...

...deep breath...

Johnny Peebucks & The Swingin’ Utters, The Stupors, Greg & Alyssa, Jay Nugent (R.I.P.), Santa Cruz Skateboards, Big Brother Magazine, Carnie, Tremaine and Cliver, Tim Swanson, Aaron Lee at HUSTLER, Evan Wright at IEG, Brittany Andrews and BritCo., Shane and Jenni at Shane’s World, Mike Albo at HEVG, The Comedy Store and Princess Corey, National Lampoon, WoDaC, Brandon Svec, Jayme Jones, Wes, Rick Goldberg, Jason and Ellen, Thumper, Jesus Gun Machine, Lou & Christi and the Cloud’s Crew, Carol Duvernois, Joan Lintz, Erin Togni, Chad Pagelow, Jason the Cook, Chris at Hellcat, Vanessa at Lookout!, Curtis at Taang!, Tony at Victory, Mike Gitter, Pushead, Mattias the Supermodel, Tobey, Dave Ward (R.I.P.), Sid Precious, Evil Samiangel, Al "Lethal" Barile, Sessions Records, Rob at Alphabet, Dana at Raw Energy, Bryan and Kris, Lupacalypse, Mike Watt, Rich Wilkes, Adella at Zane, IMA ROBOT, Dennis at East Coast Ghost, Spike and D.R.I., Jeremy Alexander, Erik Tokle, Newbury Comics, The Rat, T.T. the Bear's, Green Street, The Channel, DTX Crew, Lights Out Crew, Santa Cruz Clean & Sober Crew, Lisa Massetti, Jacob 'Team Sports' Sider, Josh (the hippie) Kaufman, Taya Lindley, Chris Scamman, Matt at Skullduggery, Beat City Records, Half-Pint Records, Bad Monkey Records, Aron’s Records, Fantastic Music, The Power House, Al’s Bar, Sabrina and Third Grade Teacher, the Riot City Nrrds, Shannon at @stake, Hollywood Star Lanes, the Satuit Bowlaway, the Surf Bowl and to all our families and anyone we overlooked…Thanks.

Love always,

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